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2024 Summer Arts Academy

Class Descriptions


Art Exploration: These theme-based, creative art workshops offer art explorers an opportunity to use many art materials in many different ways.  We will learn drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture techniques to make our unique works of art. (Session 2, 4; ages 6-11)


Broadway Bound!: Enjoy a fun and exciting week with friends who love to be on stage. Well-known musical theater show tunes will provide inspiration for a performance you will all star in that your family can see at the end of this week at TC Arts Summer Arts Academy! (Session 1, 3; ages 6-11)


Character Development & Animation with Koz: Enter the fascinating world of animation through combining a variety of techniques to create a story. Students will learn and apply traditional methods as well as digital art to create an animated scene. (Session 1, 2, 4, 5; ages 11-15)


Clay & Sculpture Creations: Discover the magical media of clay as we create pottery, sculpture, tiles and more. We will learn clay modeling techniques and glazing techniques as well as how clay might be combined with other materials. Each session will be based on a different theme. (Sessions 1, 2, 3, 4; ages 6-11; Session 5, ages 7-12)


Creative Drama: This class will introduce students to beginning theater concepts through a variety of fun techniques, including theater games, creative movement, storytelling and role playing. The class will include an opportunity to demonstrate learning on our Arts Council stage. (Session 4; ages 6-11)

Designing Minds with Cindy Rehm: This project-based class will review and strengthen students’ understanding of the elements and principles of design and how those concepts are used in fine and applied art. This class is appropriate for the beginning or more advanced (portfolio student). (Session 4; ages 11-15)

Drawing and Painting with Cindy Rehm. This opportunity to work with artist/ educator Cindy Rehm will introduce students interested in developing their skills to drawing, painting, and mixed media techniques. We will work from direct observation and imagination to create our works of art. (Session 2; ages 11-15)


Drawing with Billy Smith: What an opportunity! Spend the week with local artist Billy Smith as he guides you in learning to draw. (Session 2, 4; ages 12-17, or with instructor’s permission)

Fun with Cartooning & Animation with Koz: Learn how to design your own cartoon characters, and construct fun facial features, eyes, hair, and costumes. We’ll also explore various media animation art forms, including puppetry, flip books, green screen, stop motion and video editing, as we collaborate to bring out the magic in your storytelling! (Session 1, 2, 4, ages 6-11; Session 5, ages 7-12)

GarageBand: Learn the fundamentals of recording, composing, and audio production with Apple’s free digital audio workstation, GarageBand! GarageBand is used by musicians, voice actors, and filmmakers to create original music and audio. With hands-on experience and guidance, students will create their own project by the end of the program. No musical experience is necessary. Requirements: An iPad or MacBook, with the GarageBand App installed and some extra storage space, is strongly encouraged. (Session 5; ages 7-12)

Interactive Pangram Books: Interactive books have parts that pop up or out, move, or otherwise encourage exploration.  Pangrams are sentences that contain all 26 letters of the alphabet.  Learn to create an interactive accordion book that illustrates a pangram of your choosing (examples will be provided). (Session 3; ages 11-15)


Introduction to Songwriting: Learn about the process of writing songs, from brainstorming to writing, and experimenting with rhyme and rhythm. (Session 5; ages 11-15)

Let’s Paint!: Ever wished your paintings looked 3D!? Have fun painting anything you choose while learning skills that bring your artwork to life!" (Session 5; ages 7-12)


Nature Art: Using a variety of art materials, learn new techniques while drawing and painting artwork inspired by the beauty of nature. Learning to look and see in combination with imagination will truly be a fun and exciting week at TC Arts Summer Arts Academy! (Session 1, 3; ages 6-11)

Performing Shakespeare’s Comedy: Open the door to the rich world of Shakespearean comedic characters in this class. How do Shakespeare's comedic characters move? How do they sound? To what tune do they sing? In collaboration with the instructor, students will interpret a Shakespearean comedy through movement, voice, and music. Starting with the full text, the class will edit lines and meaning down to central themes, illustrating comedic characters in non-traditional ways. This class will inspire teens (and tweens) to boldly walk the boards and speak the speech! The class will culminate with a workshop style performance, open to the public, where students showcase what they learned. (Shakespeare; ages 11-16, or with instructor’s permission)

Picture That! Creating Photographic Images: Digital photography is an amazing medium for young artists to learn to see and create.  During this weeklong class, students will photograph a variety of subject matter and learn to enhance their photographs before they press the button! (Session 2, 3, 4; ages 6-11[mornings]; ages 11-15 [afternoons])


Teens & Tweens Pottery Wheel Throwing: In this class for tweens & teens, participants will learn the basics of working on the potter’s wheel, including wedging, centering, and using tools. Basic small to medium sized vessels (e.g., cylinders, bowls) will be taught. Students will also learn basic decoration and glazing techniques. (Session 2, 4, 5; ages 11-15)


All classes are limited to ten students per class.


Class Time:

Shakespeare: Saturdays only;10am-Noon 


Sessions 1-5 (Monday - Friday):

Morning Session: 9.15am-12.30pm 

Afternoon Session: 1.00-2.30pm

Registration Fee (includes all materials, except as noted in class descriptions): 

Shakespeare: $235

Morning Sessions: $235 per session

Afternoon Sessions: $135 per session

Payment is due at the time of registration. Registration is not confirmed until the registration fee is received by TC Arts. CLICK HERE (PDF) if you would like to print this form and then mail or stop by to make a payment.

We use PayPal to collect payments. You do not need to have a PayPal account. If you want to pay with a credit card, click the YELLOW "PayPal Checkout" button then click "Checkout as guest." Thank you.

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